Italy’s livestock herd in Big Data

A resource to support breeders, industry professionals and the scientific community

A big data digital platform for breeders, technicians, stakeholders and the scientific community.

Over 50 environmental, animal health, and welfare, climate, productive and reproductive parameters collected routinely on 19.000 farms and millions of animals validated, organized, and stored in the most extensive national data repository.

More than 40 cosmopolites and 150 local and autochthonous breeds represented in the data lake.

With LEO Project data at the farm level, you can:

  • Optimize productivity and reduce inefficiencies
  • Manage your herd efficiently
  • Improve welfare and sustainability

With LEO Open Data
at a national level, you can:

  • Get reliable and updated information on animal husbandry
  • Access to productive, climate, and health data
  • Exploit the BIG DATA to create new opportunities

With Si@lleva App, your data is just a click away.

With Si@lleva App, the farmer can record all relevant data he observes in the barn.

LEO Project for:

With Leo Project, Italian Animal Husbandry has entered the future

A database that is open and accessible to the entire production, breeding, training and research environment.

For an increasingly transparent agribusiness sector that pays attention to environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

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