Open Data

The LEO Open database collects data and merges information from external data sources, such as the National Livestock Registry (BDN), the National Database on the quality of semen (fertility database), and the national DHI (SIALL).

The Leo Open Data is by far the largest in Italy, with more than ten navigable ontologies, 7000 semantic axioms, and 200 subclasses.

Ten Data dictionaries are constantly updated to explain variable names and value meanings.

Leo data are available according to the linked Open Data (LOD) paradigm, i.e., 5-star open data, the highest level of interoperability according to the scale created by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

The full dataset is accessible to the expert user or machine-to-machine connections through queries in SPARQL language and downloading pre-formatted easy-to-use subset files chronologically ordered.

Data are also available through a series of pre-packaged chronological datasets that can be downloaded in easy-to-manage formats (e.g., csv).

With Leo get information about:

Field Data

Lab Data

Precision farming data

Climax Data

Genetic Data

Calculated indicators

Animal health and welfare data

Access to Open Data